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It is KULBARDI's vision to become the most successful Indigenous Stationery and Workplace Supplies Company, as the supplier of choice across our nation. Our vision expands beyond the reach of promoting mutual corporate outcomes for partners, into the realms of social and economic Indigenous community development. Kulbardi’s community investment model via the Kulbardi Fund provides for holistic and comprehensive growth for corporate and Indigenous Australia.

Kulbardi is a 51% Indigenous owned and managed entity established to create and maintain strategic, sustainable, partnerships with Indigenous to non-Indigenous businesses for the supply of stationery and workplace supplies to Australia’s largest corporate companies, including Local, State and Federal Government agencies across Australia.

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Giving back to the Aboriginal Community

Not only will procuring the products and services help toward a prosperous Aboriginal business sector you will also be helping Aboriginal Communities across Western Austrailia.

An Agreed % of the profits generated from the joint venture with QCA are channelled back into an Aboriginal Community investment model called the Kulbardi Fund.

The Kulbardi Fund encourages, supports and inspires Aboriginal Communities and designs and delivers programs around education, numeracy and literacy. This includes scholarships, work ready programs, reclaiming culture and languages courses, youth diversionary programs, elder's camp and leadership programs.

Importantly the Kulbardi Fund invests in targeted community projects that are run by local community members and have support from local leaders.

The Kulbardi Fund is held in Trust by the Fremantle Foundation, a community foundation that supports and administers family, individual and corporate giving.