To become the most successful Indigenous Stationery and Workplace Supplies Company, as the supplier of choice across our nation.

Our vision expands beyond the reach of promoting mutual corporate outcomes for partners, into the realms of social and economic Indigenous community development. Kulbardi’s Community Investment model via the Kulbardi Fund provides for holistic and comprehensive growth for corporate and Indigenous Australia.

Kulbardi Fund

Kulbardi Fund

The Kulbardi Fund, created in May 2015, has a clear mission to provide opportunities for disadvantaged members of the Indigenous community particularly through employment and training, and the development of community projects specific to their needs. These projects will be delivered and evaluated to ensure there are ‘real outcomes’.

The Kulbardi Fund is held in Trust by the Fremantle Foundation, a community foundation that supports and administers family, individual and corporate giving.


Kulbardi Entrepreneurship Program (KEP)

In January this year, the Kulbardi Fund sponsored the inaugural Kulbardi Entrepreneurship Program (KEP). KEP is a program in which a number of Indigenous participants enrol in a 10 day workshop designed for people who wanted to create a start-up enterprise that they could call their own.The inaugural KEP was an outstanding success with the Kulbardi Fund being the major sponsor. The KEP Program was achieved with the generous sponsorship and collaboration with other corporate, catering and community partners, including Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Toyota Fleet Management, The Brand Agency, Western Power, Morris Corporation, AUSUM and Student Edge.

Indigenous Owned

Indigenous Owned

Kulbardi is an Indigenous Australian owned and managed business enterprise and is a Supply Nation Certified Business.

We are experiencing rapid growth, in conjunction with our JV partner, Quick Corporate Australia (QCA), which provides invaluable access to a comprehensive and quality range of competitive products for the workplace. In tandem with QCA, Kulbardi utilises a robust and well established supply chain network throughout Australia.


Kulbardi - The Magpie

The word ‘Kulbardi’ represents the Magpie in the Noongar language. The Noongar people are the Indigenous and original inhabitants of the South West of Western Australia. The magpie is an intrinsic part of Kulbardi’s branding on a symbolic level. The colours of the magpie (black and white) represent both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses coming together as one entity to create a new market force in the stationery and workplace supplies industry. Kulbardi is a strong believer in Reconciliation and we actively work toward closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses and communities. We achieve this through the industry-unique Kulbardi Fund model which is designed to develop and implement community based programs.