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Kulbardi is proud to be able to bring you the Ocher Bee range of Indigenous Grounded Cultural Products

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Acknowledgement To Country Reception & Office Set  

Embrace Authentic Indigenous Artistry 

Enhance the ambience of your foyer, office, reception, or waiting area with the exclusive elegance of our aesthetic essential cultural set. By acknowledging Country and showcasing a true understanding and respect for Indigenous traditions, this collection exudes inclusivity and care. 

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each piece in this set is expertly carved from natural wood, resulting in a unique and exquisite style that adds a grounding presence to any space. The intricate details and craftsmanship are a testament to our commitment to authenticity and cultural reverence. 

Thoughtful Inclusions: 

  1. Stand: Display your cultural sensitivity set with pride using the custom-designed stand. It not only showcases the beauty of the individual pieces but also adds a touch of sophistication to your chosen location. 
  1. Clapstick Set: Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds and rhythms of Indigenous culture with our meticulously crafted clapsticks. Hand-carved with precision and adorned with culturally significant designs, they serve as both a stunning decoration and a means of connecting to Country. 
  1. Message Stick: Embrace the ancient tradition of storytelling and communication with the included message stick. This symbolic tool carries the wisdom and connections, offering a tangible respect and representation of the rich culture. 

Reverence for Nature: By incorporating natural carved woods into your space, you bring the beauty of nature indoors. The earthy tones and organic textures of these pieces create a harmonious environment that promotes a sense of tranquillity and connection. 

Exclusive and Meaningful: This set is a celebration of the unparalleled beauty and depth of Indigenous culture. Each piece carries its own significance and history, making it a truly exclusive addition to your space. As a testament to the inherent variations in natural materials and craftsmanship, your set may differ slightly from the image above, ensuring that your connection to culture is one-of-a-kind. 

Elevate Your Space: Elevate your surroundings with the profound meaning and authentic connection of this cultural sensitivity set. Showcasing your respect and care for Country, it serves as a constant reminder of the value of inclusivity and cultural appreciation. Make a statement that goes beyond aesthetics and embrace the transformative power of our Unique Acknowledgement to Country. 

Size 25cm H x 5cm W x 20cm L 

Photo Credit: Standing Sticks by Red Handed Productions. 

Mini Nature Spirit Clapstick Earrings 

Connect with Culture - Connect with Mother Nature. 
Show Your Acknowledgment to Country with Style. 

Our Nature Spirit Clapsticks Earrings have been created to allow the wearer to feel grounded. 

As you journey through your day hear the faint frequencies of the real mini clapstick pairs as they rebalance the energies around you, connecting you to Mother Earth. 

Sterling Silver Hook for sensitive ears. 

Size: Clapsticks 3.5cm 

Nature Spirit Clapstick Necklace

Wear these mini clap sticks with pride for mini sound relaxation wherever you go! Hand-crafted using natural wood, this necklace is made with intentions of connections to Mother Earth, love, light, grounding, connection with your inner self.

Our nature spirit clap sticks are also a special way to acknowledge First Nation people, respecting and honouring our Culture for both First Nations people and Allies. 

More details: 

  • Made of natural wood. 
  • Slight variations may apply due to hand-crafting. 

We endeavour to provide an accurate picture above some crystals, gems and beads become unavailable, this can bring slight changes to product. Please be assured the colours Red Black and Yellow will always be used. 

Size: Mini Clapsticks 3.5cm. 


Red, Black and Yellow. Stirling Silver Earrings. Respect. Acknowledge. Connect.  

Represent Cultural Engagement. 

Proudly respect First Nations Cultural Connection with Ocher BEE earrings 


Wear your cultural respect and connection. 

Size Beads 3cm, Total 5.5cm 


Connect to Country with our Hand-Crafted Clap Sticks 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and feel the rhythm of the earth as you connect with indigenous culture through the mesmerizing sounds of our hand-crafted clap sticks. Respectfully created on Kabi Kabi, Gubbi Gubbi Country. Sunshine Coast Qld Australia. These unique instruments not only create beautiful frequencies but also hold deep cultural significance and storytelling. 


Authentic Indigenous Artistry: Our clap sticks feature intricate hand-burned artwork, showcasing the rich heritage and connection to Country. Each end is adorned with polka work lines, symbolizing the unity of north and south, while the dots represent the diverse journeys of various Indigenous cultures coming together from different directions. 

Discover the Versatility: In Indigenous Culture, clap sticks serve a multitude of purposes beyond music. They have been used as weapons, tools, and integral elements of storytelling, dance, and healing practices. By incorporating these clap sticks into your life, you embrace the traditions and knowledge of generations past. 

Sound Relaxation and Personal Connection: Our hand-crafted clap sticks provide a means to relax, rebalance, and establish a personal connection with both you and nature. Create soothing melodies, engage in meditation practices, or simply let the rhythmic vibrations transport you to a state of calm and reflection. 

Nature-Inspired Design: As our products are sustainably sourced and hand-crafted, each clap stick carries its unique design and may differ slightly from the photo above. We invite you to appreciate the individuality in your hand-selected cultural connection artifact, knowing that no two are alike. 

Complete Set: Our clap sticks come with a natural care oil for maintenance and preservation and a convenient carry bag for easy transportation. With an approximate: Small length of 15cm, Large 20cm they are the perfect size for both beginners and experienced players alike. 

Experience the power and grace of our hand-crafted clap sticks as you immerse yourself in the sounds of nature and connect with the rich First Nation's Culture.. Embrace the uniqueness of your cultural artifact and let it enhance your journey of self-discovery and reverence for the natural world. 

Available in Small:
15cm x 1.8cm or Large: 20cm x 2.2cm


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