Supplier Diversity

Supporting Supplier Diversity

Kulbardi is proud to be a 100% Indigenous business and office supplies company with a national footprint with offices and distribution centres in most states and territories. 
Supplier diversity in Australia means purchasing goods and services from varied suppliers such as businesses owned by minority groups; women, people with disabilities and Indigenous Australians.
The benefits of incorporating supplier diversity into your supply chain are:
  • Increasing Indigenous employment prospects
  • Increasing Indigenous training and development opportunities
  • Connecting our customers with Indigenous community
  • Closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous life expectancy
  • Creating sustainable Indigenous enterprises
  • Support for minority communities
Kulbardi is a qualified and formally certfied "diverse" business. We can fulfill your procurement requirements and do so on a competitive basis - let the Kulbardi team introduce our products and services to you by visiting our website.
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