Jila Stargazer Coffee Beans 1KG **ONLY AVAILABLE TO WA CUSTOMERS**

Code: 40049406
Brand: Jila
Size: SIZE 1kg

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  • The Jila Stargazer Coffee is rich, bold and powerful. This blend took so long to perfect because of the finesse needed to balance such a powerful coffee while still maintaining balance and elegance. Loads of island coffees here for huge body and mouthfeel, Colombian to bring stewed raisins,PNG for windy sweetness and a dash of wildness and a mystery bean for that unique pepperberry. A beautiful beast full of heavily caramelised sugars that’s sure to satisfy.
  • Jila Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster that is focused on quality, consistency and flavour. Born out of a desire to roast the most delicious and deeply satisfying coffee money can buy we went to work crafting blends that are uniquely Australian using multiple techniques. All our beans are sourced from ethical farmers with 100% traceability ensuring both you and the farmer get exactly what’s promised.
  • Jila Coffee are a boutique roaster that uses a combination of traditional sensory methods as well as the latest software and technology plus some of our own trick we discovered to make sure we achieve unique and exciting flavours no matter what coffee you choose.
  • Each blend is made up of seasonal coffees with a focus on body, flavour, sweetness and balance. Crops are rotated form 1 region to the next so we are always using the freshest harvest.
  • Coffee is hand roasted in small batches by our team giving a new school flavour with old school quality.

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