Vending Machines

Your Smart, Low Cost Entry Into Vending

  Reduce Cost.  Reduce Waste.   Reduce Investment in Inventory
  • Flexible User ID Barcode card or pin pad
  • Reduced procurement complexity
  • 24/7 access to products
  • Machines free of charge on a simple service agreement
  • Restrict access to products
  • Only pay for consumption
  • Improved inventory process
  • Reduce loss and waste of frequently used products
  • Custom cloud-based reporting 

Vending Machines 

COIL – Dimensions: 1,895(h) x 1,105(w) x 810(d)mm       
 LOCKER – 2,000(h) x 1,030(w) x 680(d)mm

Cloud Software

With the Cloud Software, you can track, manage, control, monitor and analyse your real-time supply, materials and equipment.
The Cloud makes it easy to manage your supply chain and administer from your desktop, laptop, any mobile device or browser anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

The secure software and data management solution for demanding applications, allowing you to:

  • Know when stock levels get low, orders are late, or usage patterns change
  • Watch over the flow of items to employees
  • Track items by job, work order, cell, cost centre or any other variable
  • Establish limits or restrictions on access and/or quantities
  • Watch usage patterns and trends, allowing adjustments to be made before a little problem becomes a big problem
  • Best of all, there’s no software to install, no servers to buy or maintain and nothing for your IT department to support
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